Here are our general terms and conditions, formatted in an easy to understand 'FAQ' format;

What kind of videos does Gearhead Flicks make?

We mostly focus on automotive related videos because it's our passion... but we are willing to take on other projects. Companies find our videos excellent marketing tools as they hit a better target audience over traditional forms of marketing. We also love making special videos for individuals that just want a cool way to remember their rides.

Various Styles:

  • music video
  • product video
  • restoration/builds (multi-visits)
  • shop/facility tours
  • training/how to
  • event coverage and highlight videos

What is the cost of a video?

Many factors come into play when we quote a video. First we need to know what the video is about, location, how many cars, how long we need to film and what techniques are required to get the shots... and then what efforts are required for the editing.

Music style video starts at $1,500 (3 hours filming & $150 per hour over)

What equipment is used to film?

  • 12 foot crane/jib with remote pan & tilt head
  • Tripods
  • HD video quality cameras
  • Glidecam for smooth motion
  • Contour/GoPro style cameras for POV action
  • suction cup mounting system
  • chase car
  • Quad copter for low altitude (200ft or less) shots used for chase scenes.

How long will it take to edit a video?

The average video takes about 8-15 hours to edit or up to 2 weeks in reality. During the time of the shoot we can give a clear turnaround time on first review.

Can I pick my own music?

We have multiple options while choosing music in your video. While you may recommend a certain soundtrack we will suggest options as well. We prefer to use music that is purchased from stock music companies as popular music may not be allowed by the artists or allowed on Youtube and other online social media.

What should I expect when I first review my video?

A private link will be sent to you to review. We love positive feedback but understand sometimes our visions may not always align. After the first review we take all comments into consideration and tweek the video to hopefully make you happy. Every video we produce and goes live reflects our work to the pubic... this is why we try our best and make an impressive video.

After a second review and you're still not happy we will have to reassess different options and how to go about it. Our reputation means everything to us and in the end we want our customers to be happy.

How can I use my video?

All videos will live on the Gearhead Flicks Youtube channel. Once the video is live you can paste its link into any online social media website to share it with the world.

By request we will also provide a download link to be use on a home or office tv or computer for in person viewing. NO REUPLOADING THE VIDEO TO YOUR YOUTUBE OR FACEBOOK PAGES.

Can I put my Gearhead Flicks video on my Youtube channel or Facebook?

YES YOU CAN... but it will require a few rules and $500 on top of video cost. This will also give you the opportunity to monetize the video if you have that ability on your Youtube channel.

Do I have to have the Gearhead Flicks logo and exit animation on my video?

The first quote we provide you requires our watermark and exit animation. If you would like them removed it's $250 per.

How can my video help my business?

As we all know a video is a lot more entertaining than a magazine ad or some small online banner advertising your company logo. With our videos we hope to make them entertaining enough that it's shared among many and it hits the right audience. The amount of videos views will go up and if they don't this will give you an indication that other online resources need to be explored to share the video there. Within your video we will use your company logo, website address, phone number and any other contact info to draw customers back to your business.

What if i have more questions?

Please email us at with any additional questions, or call Rick Tucker at (281) 250-9788 to discuss by phone.


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